1. Thank you Alex for answering my question and your help on time! Yes, I will refer you to my friends. Thank you!

  2. Hey I am selling my house FSBO and needed the condo form 101 from OREA. Well thanks to Alex’s website and his GREAT HELP I am good to go……THANKS AGAIN ALEX GLEN (BURLINGTON)

  3. I’m an American in the process of purchasing a home in Toronto, Canada through an agent for my wife in Toronto. I was doing a research about the process and stumble on this website. Very informative material and the owner is very well informed about real estate. Awesome website! Love the statistics. – Dave (New York)

  4. I’m an insurance agent that stumbled on this website but I love how Alex explained the difference between mortgage insurance and life insurance. Well explained and to the point! Very knowledgeable indeed!

  5. So informative! Found lots of informative information on this site. Love the monthly Toronto real estate update. Good job!

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